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Books on grief and loss

We will all experience loss.  It affects us in so many ways across a lifetime –  from the loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, the loss of security, a job, friendship groups, the loss of health… Each one of us processes loss differently. Your grief is unique.  Some people find refuge in the stories and wisdom of others, which is why I have put together this list:

πŸ“š Grief Works 

By Julia Samuel. Drawing on her extensive experience as a therapist, this is a compassionate, practical and human book about the nature of grief and her eight practical pillars of strength in the face of loss.

πŸ“š Bearing the Unbearable

By Joanne Cacciatore. A companion book based on experience and wisdom written with powerful vulnerability.

πŸ“š It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok 

By Megan Devine. “Grief is simply love in its most wild and painful form”. Grief is a natural process, yet so much in our cultures can get in the way of our expression and process of grief. It’s ok to not be ok. You can take your time. It’s ok to grieve your way.

πŸ“š Grief is the Thing With Feathers 

By Max Porter. A short work of fiction that is poignant and insightful. A crow guides two young boys in their grief over the sudden death of their mother.  

πŸ“š Breaking Sad 

By Shelly Fisher and Jennifer Jones. What to say after loss, what not to say and when to just show up. Real, personal stories of everyday struggles.

πŸ“š A Matter of Death and Life 

By Irvin and Marilyn Yalom. An achingly beautiful memoir of life and death by one of the most inspiring therapists I have come across and his wife who was dying during the course of writing the book.  This is an account of what it is to have a good death and living with profound loss.

πŸ“š The Plain Guide to Grief 

By John Wilson. A very clear guide to processing loss. Your grief is unique and no one can say for sure what your journey will be like, but this book is something of a preparation of what is to come based on extensive experience as a counsellor. 

πŸ“š Badger’s Parting Gifts 

By Susan Varley. A gorgeous picture book for children.

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